Astronaut Plug-in USB Light

by Retro Space Junk


Check out this helpful little USB Astronaut companion! They'll help illuminate the darkest of vacuums and keep you company on those nights drifting through the cosmos. Perfect for a night-light, reading lamp, Space EVA's or just to sit there looking awesome on your desk! Simply flick their mask-up to get started and click it back down when you're done. The Astronaut suit support cord is super-flexible, tangle-free and will hold fast in any position!






Cable with USB-connector is 33CM in length when fully-stretched. Cable included and attached to Astronaut. USB connector can be plugged into USB plugs, power banks or USB-compatible sockets (WARNING: Please ensure power supply is safe to use for external products such as this, before connecting USB). Astronaut height: 5.6CM. Astronaut Width: 4.5CM. Weight: 58g Light Colour: Bright-white. Voltage: 5V (Watts: 0-5w) and made from: ABS. Product is made in the PRC, but dispatched from the UK.


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