UFO Plug-in USB Light

by Retro Space Junk


"Are we alone in the Universe?"...That's a question many Scientists and scholars the world over have been pondering for the last millennia. Well, ponder no more! Get your hands on your very own extra-special and extra-terrestrial UFO light-up craft! This helpful little UFO can connect to a USB-socket of your choosing and help guide the way through the galaxy...or your bedroom! With its powerful bright-white LED light and flexible cable, you'll be beaming-up stuff in no time at all.






Cable with USB-connector is 32.2CM in length when fully-stretched. Cable included and attached to UFO. USB connector can be plugged into USB plugs, power banks or USB-compatible sockets (WARNING: Please ensure power supply is safe to use for external products such as this, before connecting USB). UFO height: 3CM. UFO Width: 6CM. Weight: 53g Light Colour: Bright-white. Voltage: 5V (Watts: 1w) and made from: ABS. Product is made in the PRC, but dispatched from the UK.

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