Saturn Neon Light | 3 Available Colours

by Retro Space Junk


Saturn Neon Light... got a nice ring to it doesn't it? Check out this amazing piece of wall-art. It'll brighten-up your room / office / all of the above! The light can be plugged-in via a USB cable or even battery-powered and hung-up in those hard to reach places. Available in three vibrant colours for you to choose from: Blue, Pink & Yellow or Pink & Blue.






USB-cable length is 2 metres (approx.). Product dimensions: 175mm(H) x 300mm(W) x 17mm(D). FREE Delivery in the UK on orders over £10.00. Comes with a euro-tab which allows it to be hung-up on the wall easily.




Made using high-quality PVC, copper wire & LED light strip. It can be plugged into a USB-plug (Plug not included) or even battery-operated (not included). Made in the PRC. Hand-assembled. Dispatched from the UK.

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